School Plan

Annual School Report

The Annual School Report is a summary of school progress.  The Report briefly outlines the general operation of the school, then comments on the Student Learning, Student Engagement and Wellbeing, and on Student Pathways and Transitions.

2013 Annual Report


Annual Implementation Plan

The current Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) details Officer Primary School’s main areas of strategic intent. Annual implementation planning assists Officer Primary to:

  • plan and communicate our work for the coming year and how this will lead to achieving the goals and targets in the college strategic plan;
  • ensure efficient and effective allocation of resources to complete the work;
  • monitor progress and success.

Annual Implementation Plan 2014


School Strategic Plan

The School Strategic Plan reflects the community’s expectations and the Government’s priorities for education and early childhood development. It is a formal understanding between the School Council, the school community and the Department.

While the cycle specifies a four-year planning period, the School Strategic Plan is a ‘living’ document in that it can be updated to take into account changes in the school’ s environment or data.

School Strategic Plan 2010- 2013

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