Officer Primary School has a range of facilities such as a ‘Tool Shed’, a Before and After School Care, a Multi-Purpose room, a Library, a Computer Lab and a Staff room and Office.

Staffroom and Office
The office and staffroom are located in the administration block. All visitors to the school must first report to the office to sign in.

Play Equipment
Officer Primary has 3 playgrounds throughout the well treed grounds. The grounds also contain two basketball courts and a football/cricket oval.IMG_20140306_130301

Child Care
Before and After School Care is open from 7:00am in the morning, and it closes at 6:30pm. It is closed during school hours.

Officer Primary School currently has 8 classrooms. In the main building the Junior classes and in the BER building the senior classes. The school also provides a fantastic art program with the Art Room.

Multi-purpose Room
The multi-purpose room is used for a variety of purposes by the grades within the school.

Officer Primary School also has a well stocked library with regular classes for all grades. The library also hosts the schools Bridging the Gap program, a very successful reading recovery program run by staff and parents.

Tool Shed
The Tool Shed is used in Technology sessions and class woodwork sessions. Officer Primary School began the Tool Shed in 2003. The Tool Shed is the place where we say to the kids, ‘What would you like to make?’. We help them recycle and create. The visitors book shows that the Tool Shed brings families to school, to share in being creative, and to have fun working together. The Tool Shed has been reopened in 2015 with the assistance of Wayne, a great handy man who is able to volunteer some time to come and assist with the students.

If you think you might have the time, skill or interest in assisting with providing children to this fantastic opportunity please speak to your child’s classroom teacher or Mrs Brenner

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