School Newsletter – 27th February, 2015

We have reached the middle of the term. Celebrate by having a reading the Newsletter February 27th.

School Newsletter – 20th February 2015

Another week, another great edition of the School Newsletter

School Newsletter – 6th February 2015

This week the newsletter has a calendar attachment, however for those who are interested you can also look at the school calendar online. Calendar:- Calendar Feb-Mar Newsletter:- Volume 1 Edition 2

School Newsletter – 30th January 2015

The start of 2015 brings a lot of information for both new and returning parents to Officer Primary School, so be sure that you take the time to read the school newsletter carefully. Volume 1 Edition 1

Newsletter – 14th November 2014

Enjoy your weekend and take the time to read the Newsletter for November 14th.

Officer Primary School provides a sharing, caring and friendly family atmosphere. Students are the highest priority and are always treated with consideration and respect. They are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own physical, academic, social and emotional development. The individual rights and needs of every child are recognised in all aspects of school life. Our school is committed to the provision of an exciting and challenging learning environment.